1. Brief History

Year of Establishment : 1967

2. Present status  
  a. Faculty 10 (One Head of the Department , Four Professors, One Reader, One Senior Lecturer, One Lecturer, One Demonstrator)
  b. Bio-data
01 Dr. S.K.Badmali Head of the Department Biodata
02 Dr. S. Jena Professor Biodata
03 Dr. G. C. Pradhan Professor Biodata
04 Dr. G. C. Pradhan Professor Biodata
05 Dr. P. K. Sahoo Professor Biodata
06 Dr S.K. Badmali Reader Biodata
07 Dr. (Mrs.) Jasoda Kumari Behera Senior Lecturer Biodata
08 Mrs. B. Jena Lecturer Biodata
09 Dr. S.Mohapatra (contractual) Lecturer Biodata
10 Mr. D. Parida Demonstrator Biodata
  c. Personal photograph  
  d) Area of interest  
  e) Research Co-ordination Chemistry, Research Dynamics, Organic Synthesis Design, CAOS, Heterocyclic Chem, Solid State Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
  f) Research project  
3.   Student:  
  a) Strength M.Sc.-28
  b) Curriculum and Examination  
  c) Fee structure  
4.   Administration  
5.   OSR (Other social responsibility)  
  a) School teaching  
  b) Sharing of Resources  
  c) Extension activities  
6.   Library  
7.   Laboratory / Museum / Equipment  
8.   Faculty Development / achievement :  
9.   Reaching out :  
  a) Inter departmental collaboration  
  b) Inter University  
  c) Visiting teachers  
  d) Alumni  
  e) Industrial Collaboration  
  f) New area of Research  
  g) Collaboration of other organization like NGO’s civil society etc.  
  h) Equipment, building and up-gradation of equipments Stopped-Flow Spectrophotometer Hi-Tech(U.K.), U.V. VIS Recording Spectrophotometer-CECILCE 7200(UK), Thermal-Analyser-SHIMAZU-DT-PTGA,FTIR Spectrophotometer-Perkin Elmer, UVVIS Spectrophotometer-Systronics, Laminar Flow, Incubator, Cyclic Voltameter (OMNI-CYPRUS), Multifrequency Ultrasonic Interferomerter, 60 CO y– Source, CHNS-Analyser, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
10.   Future Development  
11.   Department in Photos (for example: a choice of departmental activities, equipment, entrance of the department, etc. Major equipments as listed below are there in the Department. The UGC model curriculum 2001 has been implemented in to from 2005-2006 academic session.
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